Friday, January 13, 2012

See The Sea

-- See the sea?
-- No. I view the ocean.
-- Don't be a smart ass.
-- Why not? It's better than being a dumb ass.
The expression "my two cents' worth" entered the general conversation in 1939. Because of inflation, two cents then is equal to 31 cents now. Therefore, please update your cliche.
The snarfage is up 300 percent from last year.
It is of an opiate nature...
Why should I shoot him?
I fight my own fights. This one isn't mine.
If you want him dead, shoot him yourself.
I like my women like I like my coffee -- WITH BIG TITS!
Book title: How To Lose Friends and Aggravate People
John the Batshit
John the Bag of Shit
John the Bag O'Shit
The old bag of bat shit
He tried to get his act together. Unfortunately, it was the last act by a desperate man in some damn dog-and-pony show.
"of course, i am a pervert..."
"jonn, stop licking the windows!"
"things went better than expected."
"it went okay."
"yada yada yada...i fistfuck sheep..."
"dignity -- who has it?"
"dignity -- dig it!"
"hurfur durfur."
dem derr...
dem derr peeple...
doze derr peeple...
yet for edward
a wild tiger appears!
ah yes!
"We won't be the last to die..."
The word pothos means a passionate yearning. It seems that Alex had that.
From a review:
The erotic film Rooftop Angels was a powerful story of love, loss, gain, selfdiscovery...and boobs!

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