Sunday, September 30, 2012


... wasn't a month or time of year but more like a style of weather.

Because it was after Labor Day, the temperatures were warm enough but not hot and humid. And because it was before Halloween, the temperatures were not cool to chilly.

Also, the skies were bright and sunny but not blinding enough for sunglasses. And often, a few clouds were in the sky.

A couple of Saturdays earlier this month -- one was yesterday, the other I forgot offhand now -- were like that: The perfect weather for a great day of college football.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Story of Oh ... My God ...

One Saturday afternoon, Charles was browsing through his favorite used book store. 

He had come to its erotic books section, looked at a shelf just below his eye level, and saw a copy of The Story of O.

He picked up it and was going to browse through it because he thought he might buy it.

But on the inside of the front cover he saw the name of his aunt ... his mother's sister ... the one who was ... as his family put it ... "adventurous."

He found that disturbing.

Then he inhaled deeply.

The book had a faint smell of pussy.

He found that VERY disturbing, put the book back in the shelves, and immediately left the bookstore.

He was one of those people who thought knowledge about the sex lives of his family was like knowledge about how sausages are made: There was NO good reason to know the specifics.