Tuesday, February 26, 2013

American Equivalents To Nazi Phenomena

The sheriff's deputies in the Deep South states in the 1960s, fighting against the civil rights movement = SA stormtroopers.

Fraternity "bros" beating on a black man or gay man = SS members.

It's a matter of class.

Please keep this is mind as I work on a post on the worthlessness of s0cial/economic classes in the United States. 

Small Favors And Slight Blahs

Thank God, or the Fates, or Whoever, for small favors, for they can offset slight cases of the blahs.

I'm having a case of the midwinter blahs that started last week and probably will continue through the rest of this week, if the weather goes as forecast. The highs have been in the low 40s and the lows have been in the high 20s. Rain or snow has fallen nearly every day; freezing rain dropped for a couple of days.

As of tonight, the forecast for tomorrow is snow showers with 1-2 inches of snow to accumulate. 

In short, the weather's been lousy and it's affected my outlook.

But the small favor offsets part of it.

Last week I received my January electric bill from my city's utilities department. The bill is usually between $25-$30 a month, and last month the amount was $26. But a $100 credit paid for it.

I wondered where the $100 had come from,so I called the uitilities department. A clerk there said the money was from the deposit I had made when I opened my account when I moved  here. If I had paid my electric bills on time for a year, the deposit would be applied to my bills.

So my electric bills should be covered for the first four months of 2013. I can use the money to pay down my credit card debt.