Saturday, February 28, 2009

history and a horse

recently, i've been thinking about obscure history.

i don't mean history that's been obscured because it was hidden and or suppressed, like the soviet union did when it was in existence. i mean history that's been abandoned or discarded: more or less in the back of the public's collective mind like a box that's been put into storage and then forgotten.

one example of this is the horse seabiscuit. in 1938, according to the book about him by laura hillenbrand, he was the number one newsmaker in the united states: not clark gable, lou gehrig, adolf hitler, howard hughes, benito mussolini, pope pius xi or franklin roosevelt. he went above and beyond sports, much like michael jordan did when he was playing basketball.

as the years passed, few people thought about him. i remember his name was often used in jest about horses and their lack of speed on the race track.

but in 2001, hillenbrand wrote her book. that put seabiscuit's name back before the public. i bought a copy of it and admit i only read half of it before i put it down and forgot about it -- ironically, much like the public did about him.

sometimes i wonder what famous or infamous subject of these days will be forgotten, then, because of fate or chance, is remembered in the future.

addenum, aug. 30: i had some time during the last two weeks, so i read seabiscuit. i enjoyed it very much. i haven't seen the movie, and don't know if i will. i'll see what happens.

the bozone layer

the ozone layer surrounds the earth and keeps bad light rays from getting to the earth's surface.

the bozone layer surrounds dumbasses and keeps intelligence from getting into their minds.

while some say the ozone layer might be disappearing, no such thing seems to be happening with the bozone layer.

the weather now ... and then

as i write this, the skies are cloudy and the wind blows fiercely. the temperature is in the high 20s with a high forecast to be in the middle 30s.

more of the same will happen on sunday and monday before the temperatures rise.

compare that to the weather 17 years ago. the following entries came from a journal i kept that year and recently reviewed:

Saturday was glorious. The high was about 65 or 66. I opened the windows of the apartyment from 1-7 p.m. to let the air in.

Snow fell last night. Again.

I've left the windows opened and turned off the heat. Tho temps were in lower 40s supposedly last nite, it doesn't fell chilly. it's 330am as I write this.

snow forecast for today. I closed my windows and turned the heat back on. Low forecast for 16 tonite. Cazart! But that's spring weather for ya.

Freezing rain and rain fell yesterday. Snow fell last nite.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


today i'm starting a new classification in my blog.

i call it jokes from the public domain. it will consist of some jokes which i found while i was going through some old notes.

here's the first in the series. it's dated but still funny to me.
president bush returns to the white house after a trip overseas. as he gets off the helicopter, he is carrying a pig under each arm.

a marine on duty salutes him and says, "OUTSTANDING pigs, sir!"

bush says, "thank you. i got one for vice president cheney, and the other for secretary of defense rumsfeld."

the marine says, "OUTSTANDING trade, sir!"
i saw one version that said bush got the pigs for his daughters, jenna and barbara. but instead of dumping on two poor little rich girls, i decided to dump on two war criminals.

four examples of english misuse and abuse

recently, i saw some examples of the misuse and abuse of english. here they are.

i saw 1th for 1st, or firth for first.

whoever typed this must've gotten it mixed up with 3rd, 4th, 5th, and so on.

a sentence started with the words "this being ... "

i do NOT like this because it is awkward.

the word conversate. it must be a back formation from converse and conversation.

goddamm it -- that's WRONG! and there's a better, simpler word to use -- talk.

a story in usa today noted that people are buying fewer name-brand items at the grocery store and buying more private-stock items.

please -- private stock is a pretentious way of saying store brand. i buy many store-brand items such as bread, coffee, and orange juice. those items are just as good as the name-brand items,

i also save money, and i've done that long before the recession started last fall.

damn, hoosiers ... damn!

i'm a bigger football fan than basketball fan. the only time i follow it with strong interest is the ncaa division one men's tourney, which will start next week.

but ...

i am an alumnus of indiana university. it has a proud history in men's basketball -- the three titles under bob knight's reign, and so on.

and i'm not one of those wanking idiots who live and die with the team's fortunes.

nevertheless, when something like THIS happens, and click here for the details, i just had to note it here because it is so, so bad.

the hoosiers ought to win the national title within the five years. that's the only way they can get over this season's results.

better luck next year and all that.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

a poem



& DO8.



snow, snow, get out of here ...

between one to two inches of snow was forecast to fall last night. none did.

however, as i write this, snow is falling and accumulating on the cars in the parking lot of my apartment complex and in the corners of the lot.

the forecast for today says a light mix of wintry precipitation will fall during the day, while snow flurries or snow showers will fall during the night. accumulation is expected to be one inch.

i don't know what "mix of wintry precipitation" is supposed to mean, but there was no forecast for freezing rain -- thank the fates!

most of the heavy snows from a few weeks ago had evaporated by early this week. even thought the forecast for today is tolerable ...

i'm just goddamn tired of all this goddamn snow and cold weather!

i wrote a couplet about it:

snow, snow, get out of here!
come again another year!

the object of desire

tomorrow will be the oscar awards.

i know that the academy has made some errors. here are a couple:

  • the best picture went to one that starred paul newman and robert redford and which was directed by george roy hill. it wasn't butch cassidy and the sundance kid, though. it was the sting -- a good movie, but not as good as butch cassiday and the sundance kid.
  • al pacino won an oscar for best actor. but it wasn't for the godfather part 2 or dog day afternoon. it was for scent of a woman, where he ate the scenery and anything else that wasn't nailed down on the set.
and if an oscar is awarded tomorrow to the "wrong" person or film, i won't get upset. it is true -- i do have better things to do with my life, and better things to agitate me.

but some folks do get upset. it's as if they need certification and validation in their lives as for their cultural choices.

once you do that -- once you let other people set your standards -- well, you get closer to the attitude of a willing slave.

i don't. i make my decisions and often stick with them. i make no apologies for them, either.

some people are rivited to the ceremony. it's often been called the super bowl for gays.

i might watch it. more likely, i'll turn on my television and use it as electronic wallpaper as i do other things.

happy birthday, sir

i'll post this now to get it out of the way and so i don't have to do it tomorrow.

sunday, february 22, will be the 276th anniversary of the birthday of george washington,

he's one of the most honored, if not most honored, presidents of the united states -- and rightly so.

not only did he lead the continental military to victory over the british in the war of independence, he served by acclimation as the first president of a newlyborn nation in a political office that was, at that time, truly unique. nations had kings and tyrants as their chief executives, but never one who was elected by the citizenry.

and to his credit, washington never acted like a king or a tyrant. he set the tone for the presidents who followed him. most of them, however bad, followed it.

so to honor washington, i just might go out and buy something -- and use onedollar bills to pay for it, because his picture is on it.

and his picture is on the unit of currency that gets tucked most of the time into the g-strings and thongs of strippers. i bet he'd be proud of that.

i don't know if he had a sense of humor, or if he showed it. but i'd like to think he'd laugh -- if only to himself or with only his wife, martha, present -- at this catmacro based on a painting of him by gilbert stuart:

the portrait is also known as the athenaeum. it was left unfinished at stuart's death in 1828.

again, sir -- i wish you a happy birthday, wherever you are. and i also wish you many, many thanks

code words

say you're with your wife/girlfriend/significant other/main squeeze/whatever.

both of you see another woman.

when your wife/girlfriend/etc asks you, "do you think she's pretty?" she wants to know if you want to fuck her seven ways 'til sunday.

it's best to say no and mention exaggerate any small imperfections she may have.

if you say yes, you add the other woman is probably frigid or a lesbian.

danica, with and without

the young woman pictured above is danica patrick, openwheel driver and MAJOR BABE.

that's how the powers that be in auto racing are marketing her.

(sara fisher, another woman who races, is marketed as the girl next door. for example, in a commercial i've seen on television, she's featured with a bunch of kids that look to be of gradeschool age. and i can't remember now what product she's endorsing.

danica, on the other hand, is the girl next door -- if you live down the street from the playboy mansion.)

the picture on the left ran in the 2008 edition of sports illustrated's swimsuit edition. the picture on the left ran in the 2009 edition. the poses are about the same and the swimsuits danica is wearing are about the same.

if you think that's trampish, be glad she isn't wearing a thong.

(and i know some of you out there think it isn't trampish enough and she should be wearing a thong. to that i say: shame on you.)

you'll notice that the back tattoo is "missing" from the 2009 picture. that's because the powers that be at sports illustrated airbrushed it out. the sports blog deadspin has the details. please click here for the details.

the back tattoo, if you don't know by now, has been popular with young women. it's often made right above the tailbone, and often is based on a tribal pattern.

it's also been called a tramp stamp, prudes say proper ladies don't get one. and some misogynistic hetereosexuals say it's easily on display while you fuck a tramp (whore/slut/bitch/whatever) dog style.


and yes, there are misogynistic hetereosexuals. i plan to write about them later on in this blog.


"on a scale of 1 to 100 ...

"with 100 being the best ...

"that thing is a minus-20 ...

"maybe even a minus-30 ... "

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

5 ft 4 in

five feet, four inches.

you know who was five feet, four inches tall?

my favorite aunt.

you know who else was five feet, four inches tall?

joseph stalin.

and the woman who gave me herpes.

feels-like-i'm-fixin'-to-kill blues

i woke up this morning
bored out of my goddamn head.

i woke up this morning
bored out of my goddamn head.

went out and bought a shotgun.
boom! more than 50 people lyin' down dead.

today's slice of cheesecake

i know it's been a while ...

and it's about halfway through the morning ...

and it's not the best food to eat for breakfast ...

but what the hell ...

here's today's slice of cheesecake:

bar rafaelli, who was on the cover of sports illustrated's swimsuit issue, published earlier this month.

she's an israeli, a supermodel, and girlfriend/significant other/lover/whatever of actor leonardo dicaprio.


most people are ok ... i guess

sometimes i might be a little cynical about humanity. but i've come to realize that most people are all right about 85 to 90 percent of the time.

it's that other 10 to 15 percent of the time when they're bad -- when the beat their spouses and shoot their neighbors, or vice versa, as some examples -- if when you must watch out for them.

some funny bits

while i was going through my old notes and old journals, i found some short jokes.

most of them i found elsewhere -- in books or magazines, on the net, or someone told me.

i present them for your amusement.
religious differences
jews do not recognize jesus as the messiah.
protestants do not recognize the pope as their spiritual leader.
baptists do not recognize each other in liquor stores or strip clubs.
black guys have more fun, because they invented afro-disiacs.
every calendar's days are numbered.
most men are nothing but overgrown boys.
the only things different? the types of their toys.
in the past, many weddings were called "shotgun weddings." they took place because the bride was pregnant and her father made the man marry her.

it was a case of wife or death.
if you get a hangover from drinking wine, you're suffering the wrath of grapes.
the definition of foreploy:
any line of bullshit you use about yourself so you can get laid.
beelzebug is when the devil takes the form of an insect that you just can't get rid of.
too much money is tainted -- 'tain't yours, 'taint mine.
rheinstein's theory of sexual physics:
the angle of the dangle
divided by the square of the hair
times the cube of the tube
equals the heat of the meat.
an ignoranus is a person who is both stupid and an asshole.
the movie had its moments -- especially the moment it was over.
does the name pavlov ring a bell?
that man was so rich that he bought his dog a boy to play with.
reintarnation is when, as punishment for your sins, you come back to earth as a hillbilly.
a guy once said to a gal: "let's do 68. you blow me and i'll owe you one."
what's 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 ... ?
bo derek getting older.
the best advice i ever received about sex is this:
condoms should be used on every conceivable occasion.

Friday, February 13, 2009

a forecast for valentine's day

tomorrow is valentine's day. i'll probably be spending it alone at home, watching television.

i have no wife. i have no girlfriend. i don't even have a lady friend who'd give me a sympathy swive.

but don't feel sorry for me.

i haven't spent anything on a card. i haven't bought a gift or two. i won't spend anything for dinner and entertainment tomorrow.

i'll be saving money. that's a good thing during the current economic situation.
i'm posting this today instead of saturday because i want to get it out of the way.

addenum, february 18: yes, i spent valentine's day watching television. but i didn't watch cops and america's most wanted on fox, as i usually do. instead, i watched three reruns of law and order that nbc broadcast.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

notes on a few presidents, a scientist, and a socialist

first, happy 200th birthday to abraham lincoln.

sir, you and theodore roosevelt were the only republican presidents who were worth a damn. i don't count dwight eisenhower as a republican because he wasn't one fulltime and since his youth

(a sidetrip in this post: although warren harding was a fool and his administration was full of corruption, he did one good thing: he freed eugene debs, hoosier and socialist, from prison because he was against world war one.)

also, congratulations to your number one fan, so to say: barack obama, who got an economic stimulus bill passed by congress this week.

i saw this picture on the net and downloaded it. i think now is the best time to use it.

presidents' day will be this monday. that's the day where the country honors all of its presidents, and not just lincoln and george washington. but i know one man who refuses to do that because, as he told me, "there's no way in hell i'm going to honor richard nixon!"

also, happy 200th birthday to charles darwin. but i note it with mixed emotions, because many of my fellow citizens don't believe in the theory of evolution. if you want to read a story about it, please click here.

it's wonderful to read, huh? it's truly uplifting and heartwarming. it makes me feel very optimistic.

to call these people my "fellow citizens" presses my tolerance to its limit. many of them are evangelical protestants and bible literalists. they consider me, a deist, to be a hellbound sinner and a terrible american.

as for you, i hope you don't have such foolish beliefs. i also hope your day was satisfactory.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

you don't think

you don't think.
therefore, you ain't.
kids don't learn how to hate; they can do that well enough by themselves. but they do learn who and what to hate.
he worshiped every penny he ever earned as if it was a kiss from god ...
under the first amendment, it's all right to call a guy an asshole. it's not ok to cut him a new one.
what's worse -- shit or fuck?
answer this -- which would you rather do in your bed?
if something floats your boat, sometimes it just might sink your ship.
she'll land on her feet. but she'd be better off on her knees.
i prevail in my travails ...
i bought a camouflage shirt last week and put it in my closet.
now i can't find it.
(from comedian john fox)
my mother always told me to say something good about the dead. so when i heard that the biggest bastard i knew was dead, i said: "GOOD!"
i've heard of a hang nail, but i've never heard of a hang hammer or hang saw.
i've also heard of a hangman, but never heard of a hang woman.
practice makes perfect.
that's why men want to have sex as much as they can -- to get better.
the troubles that hit him that month were like an army. they didn't come to him as single soldiers but in batalions.
(paraphrase from shakespeare.)
bushes are nothing more that gnarly cousins to trees.
rover, before he entered the big sleep
because of a terminal illness
i load my gun
with the greatest of care
and the deepest of love
then aim it between
your lovefilled
and trusting
one just in time for valentine's day:

it's not
you ...
it's me.



i'm lying.

it is you.

questions without answers

... as of now. two of them are old zen sayings:
  • what did your face look like before you were born?
  • what is the sound of one hand clapping?
then there's this one:
  • who wrote the book of love?
i might spend more of my time and efforts trying to solve them.

a lot of bad language

ace: i've heard a lot of bad language lately.

deuce: like ain't, we is, seen, and other abominations like that?

ace: no. i mean profanity.

deuce: oh. well, motherfucking a! a lot of that fucking bullshit like that's been going around fucking recently.

ripping off blacks

a big part of american history includes white people ripping off black people. two examples are profits from cotton farming in the south, along with rock and roll.

i feel about half guilty about it. my ancestors didn't own a plantation, so they never exploited any slaves or indentured servants, more or less.

but i do like rock and roll.

so i listen more often to classical music, and i'm beginning to like it more and more. whatever you might say against it -- oldgeezer music, irrelevant, boring, etc. -- no one can say it rips off blacks in any way.

the royal ego

some people are strongly and deeply selfcentered, you might as well crown them king ego -- or queen ego, depending on their gender.

they think: 'tis I ... the wonderful I ... the magnificent I ... the godlike I ...

and you better think the same way about them, too. they need 100 percent worship, because 99 and a half just won't do.

now i admit i love myself. or i try to love myself as much as i can. but at least i do it at home, with the curtains drawn and no one else around.

Monday, February 9, 2009

the sounds of my life at the time

if you were going to make a movie about my senior year in high school -- i graduated in 1972 -- here are the albums (listed alphabetically by their names) from which you choose the songs to use as a soundtrack:

  • aqualung and benefit -- both by jethro tull;
  • every picture tells a story -- rod stewart;
  • fragile -- yes;
  • imagine -- john lennon;
  • killer and love it to death -- alice cooper;
  • the low spark of high heeled boys -- traffic;
  • rock of ages -- the band;
  • sticky fingers -- the rolling stones;
  • who's next -- the who;
  • zoso -- led zepplin.
all of them had been recently released and very popular. some of them are my most favorite records.

two things about bob dylan

i found these as i was going through some old notes. they are from the book bob dylan: behind the shades by clinton heylin.

people live with the hope for green trees and beautiful flowers, but dylan seems to lack that sort of simple hope. at least he did from 1964 to 1966. this darkness wasn't new to me. but it became stronger as the years passed by.
so says suze rotolo, a former girlfriend. she's the woman clinging to dylan on the cover of the album the freewheeling bob dylan. her quote is on page 162 of the book.

dylan's three types of apocalyptic songs:
1. the black of cataclysmic apocalyptic tradition -- i'd hate to be you on that dreadful day, all along the watchtower or changing of the guard. he rarely used this.
2. the red or revolutionary tradition -- ain't gonna grieveor the times they are a-changin'.
3. the green or pastoral tradition -- chimes of freedom, when the ship comes in or gates of eden.
this is on page 321 of the book, where heylin quoted joseph campbell's essay bob dylan and the pastoral apocalypse that was published in 1975 in the journal of popular culture.

tott whitt fifi

that's how you would pronounce this acronym:


which is short for the only thing we have to fear is fear itself -- from franklin roosevelt's first inagural address in 1933.

rivalry between moons

be glad the moon is a solo satellite.

what if it had a sibling?

there would be lunar rivalry, for sure, and an interesting planetary/solar system dynamic.

they would argue between themselves about which one the earth liked best. the one with the closest orbit to the earth would say it was the favorite. the other one would ask if it was sure about that.

the bigger moon would think that it was the most important one because of its size. but it could be jealous of the smaller moon.

they might throw bits of themselves at each other. that would be a spectacular show for humans.

or they might bump into each other's orbits. that would throw them off kilter, and fly off into the depths of the universe.


i note the following news about the muncie public library closing two of its five branches. here's a link to a news story about it.

i know i'm about a couple of weeks late in telling you this, but i want to note it.

i've been a big supporter of libraries most of my life. when i read about the closings, a little bit of sadness came over me.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

chandler bing crosby

here's an example of how the unconscious mind works.

a few years ago, i came up with this idea for a game that people could play at home. they wouldn't need any game pieces, cards, or boards. they could just use their minds and their memories.

i called it chandler bing crosby. this is why.

someone would come up with the name of a person. then someone else would come up with the name of another person. however, the first name of the second person would have to be the same as the last name of the first person.

the name of the game is a good example of how it works. the names could be of real people or fictional characters from literature, movies, or television.

i thought it was a great idea. although i couldn't make any money from it -- unfortunately -- i could give it as a gift to the world.

then i found out the game show jeopardy has a category like that: before and after. i've watched the show off and on through the years, so i must've seen the category. it must've sunk into my mind, only to come up much later.


let me tell you ...

every time i read that phrase, especially in a blog, i think:

there's no need to say that. it's an empty and unnecessary phrase.

when you're writing, no police officer is looking over your shoulder, ready to step in and throw you in prison because of what you wrote.

in my blog, i don't use it. and if you try to stop me ...

i'll step up and fight you, because i'm one bad mofo who believes in his freedom of speech.

letters and numbers mixed

i was just thinking lately about how some people combine letter and numbers as they write -- usually on handheld devices like a blackberry -- because of a limit of space for each message.

some of them are l8r for later, 2 to represent to or too, and 4 to represent for.

here's some that i came up with:
1irst or f1rst
7eventh or se7enth
out of them, th3rd works best.

getting a specific type of room

"hey -- i saw that couple going at it. practically rutting in public like dogs in heat. i told them to get a room."

"you told them that. and they got one."

"yeah. but goddamn it -- i can hear them fucking! can't you?"

"i can hear them. tell ya what -- next time, tell them to get a soundproof room."

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

let it snow? oh hell no!

more snow fell this morning. the amount was between 2 to 4 inches.

add to that, strong winds this morning caused drifting and made travel hard. it probably will be the same during the commuter drive tonight.

and more snow is forecast to fall tonight and wednesday.

today's snow is atop the 12.5 inches that fell last week. but in no way has it been as bad as it has been in kentucky. please click here to read the latest story.

despite all this snow, and it is a pain, this thought came to me:

you have bare trees and dead grass during the winter. at the least the snow makes things look a lot better.

Monday, February 2, 2009

super bowl recap -- the game itself

the winning touchdown

the only thing i wanted from the super bowl was that it wouldn't be boring.

well, it wasn't.

santonio holmes, a wide receiver for the pittsburgh steelers, caught a 6-yard touchdown pass from ben roethlisberger in the corner of the end zone with 35 seconds left to play. that touchdown gave the steelers a 27-23 win over the arizona cardinals.

but it wasn't easy.

three cardinal defensive players surrounded holmes as he grabbed the pass. then he made sure both feet -- or at least the tiptoes of both feet -- were in bounds after he caught the ball. (for the record, a receiver must catch the ball with both feet in bounds for a complete pass in professional football.)

holmes' touchdown came after kurt warner threw a 64-yard touchdown pass to larry fitzgerald with 2:37 left to play. it gave arizona a 23-20 lead: its first of the game.

the cardinals were down 20-7 deficit at the end of the third quarter, but scored two touchdowns -- both of them warner passes to fitzgerald -- and a safety to make the game close, and therefore interesting.

for a change, the game was exciting. but it wasn't the best super bowl played. it was sloppy because many penalties. arizona had 11 of them for 106 yards while pittsburgh had 7 of them for 56 yards.

while holmes won the super bowl's most valuable player award -- he caught nine passes for 134 yards and the touchdown -- i believe he should've shared it with roethlisberger, who went 21-30 in passing and had 256 yards. that includes the touchdown to holmes. no roethlisberger pass, no holmes touchdown for the win.

run, harrison, run!

the most spectacular play came at the end of the second quarter. the cardinals were inside pittsburgh's 5-yard line when steeler linebacker james harrison -- by the way, no relation -- interecepted a warner pass and ran it back 100 yards for a touchdown as time expired. that put pittsburgh up 17-7 instead of a possible deficit of 14-10 to the cardinals if arizona had scored.

harrison's run was the longest single play in super bowl history.

for the last 5 to 10 yards, i could tell harrison was running out of gas.he practically stumbled into the end zone. and as he was going there i got a chuckle, because it's always entertaining to see big men run in the open field.

the victory of pittsburgh's sixth in the superbowl, which sets a record. it had been tied with the dallas cowboys and san francisco 49ers with five super bowl wins each.

and it was nice to see joe namath, of whom i've written before in this blog, brought the vince lombardi trophy to the victory stand after the game.

so ends the2008 serason of trhe national football league. in six months, though, training camps will open for all 32 teams. then they will start playing exhibition games. that will lead to the 2009 national football season.

and as i review this blog, football has been the only sport that i've written about.

so it goes. football is my favorite spectator sports. but i probably will write about other sports as the spirit moves me to do so.

super bowl recap -- the halftime show

springsteen and miami steve van dandt

the halftime show was pretty good, too.

i had heard about bruce springsteen concerts that lasted 3 hours and had the atmosphere of a revival meeting. for 12 minutes sunday night, you had a chance to taste the experience.

it opened with springsteen and clarence clemons, the tenor saxophone player in the e street band, in profile projected onto a large screen. the pose was very iconic and reminiscent of the cover on born to run.

as the band vamped the introduction of 10th avenue freeze-out to build tension, springsteen told the audience to step back from the guacamole dip and put down the chicken fingers, then turn up the sound on the television set all the way up.

then the band played -- no, broke out into -- 10th avenue freeze-out, which is one of my favorite springsteen songs. after that, the band played: born to run; working on a dream, the title track of their latest album; and glory days.

fireworks, horn players, a gospel choir -- damn, it was one hell of a show!
(and i feel about half blasphemous having the words damn and hell in the same sentence as gospel choir.)

it was the best halftime performance i had seen since the rolling stones played, and the best rock and roll performance i had seen on television since u2 played i will follow to close a show on saturday night live.

i think i saw some of the horn players from the max weinberg band, the house group on late night with conan o'brien; weinberg plays drums in it. i think i also saw paul schaeffer and bonnie raitt, but the cameras moved around too quickly for me to be sure.

i didn't expect that selection of songs. my predictions are here if you want to check them.

my only complaint is that bruce should've switched the positions of born to run and glory days in the set. other than that -- wonderful! great! excellent! and whatever superlatives you want to apply.

addenum: don't take my word about the show. if you like, it's now on it wasn't as of this morning.

super bowl recap -- just wondering

michael richards, actor, best known as playing cosmo kramer in the television sitcom seinfeld.

and kurt warner, quarterback, arizona cardinals.

superated at birth? you be the judge.