Saturday, February 28, 2009

the weather now ... and then

as i write this, the skies are cloudy and the wind blows fiercely. the temperature is in the high 20s with a high forecast to be in the middle 30s.

more of the same will happen on sunday and monday before the temperatures rise.

compare that to the weather 17 years ago. the following entries came from a journal i kept that year and recently reviewed:

Saturday was glorious. The high was about 65 or 66. I opened the windows of the apartyment from 1-7 p.m. to let the air in.

Snow fell last night. Again.

I've left the windows opened and turned off the heat. Tho temps were in lower 40s supposedly last nite, it doesn't fell chilly. it's 330am as I write this.

snow forecast for today. I closed my windows and turned the heat back on. Low forecast for 16 tonite. Cazart! But that's spring weather for ya.

Freezing rain and rain fell yesterday. Snow fell last nite.

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