Saturday, February 21, 2009

the object of desire

tomorrow will be the oscar awards.

i know that the academy has made some errors. here are a couple:

  • the best picture went to one that starred paul newman and robert redford and which was directed by george roy hill. it wasn't butch cassidy and the sundance kid, though. it was the sting -- a good movie, but not as good as butch cassiday and the sundance kid.
  • al pacino won an oscar for best actor. but it wasn't for the godfather part 2 or dog day afternoon. it was for scent of a woman, where he ate the scenery and anything else that wasn't nailed down on the set.
and if an oscar is awarded tomorrow to the "wrong" person or film, i won't get upset. it is true -- i do have better things to do with my life, and better things to agitate me.

but some folks do get upset. it's as if they need certification and validation in their lives as for their cultural choices.

once you do that -- once you let other people set your standards -- well, you get closer to the attitude of a willing slave.

i don't. i make my decisions and often stick with them. i make no apologies for them, either.

some people are rivited to the ceremony. it's often been called the super bowl for gays.

i might watch it. more likely, i'll turn on my television and use it as electronic wallpaper as i do other things.

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