Saturday, February 21, 2009

danica, with and without

the young woman pictured above is danica patrick, openwheel driver and MAJOR BABE.

that's how the powers that be in auto racing are marketing her.

(sara fisher, another woman who races, is marketed as the girl next door. for example, in a commercial i've seen on television, she's featured with a bunch of kids that look to be of gradeschool age. and i can't remember now what product she's endorsing.

danica, on the other hand, is the girl next door -- if you live down the street from the playboy mansion.)

the picture on the left ran in the 2008 edition of sports illustrated's swimsuit edition. the picture on the left ran in the 2009 edition. the poses are about the same and the swimsuits danica is wearing are about the same.

if you think that's trampish, be glad she isn't wearing a thong.

(and i know some of you out there think it isn't trampish enough and she should be wearing a thong. to that i say: shame on you.)

you'll notice that the back tattoo is "missing" from the 2009 picture. that's because the powers that be at sports illustrated airbrushed it out. the sports blog deadspin has the details. please click here for the details.

the back tattoo, if you don't know by now, has been popular with young women. it's often made right above the tailbone, and often is based on a tribal pattern.

it's also been called a tramp stamp, prudes say proper ladies don't get one. and some misogynistic hetereosexuals say it's easily on display while you fuck a tramp (whore/slut/bitch/whatever) dog style.


and yes, there are misogynistic hetereosexuals. i plan to write about them later on in this blog.

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