Sunday, February 8, 2009

chandler bing crosby

here's an example of how the unconscious mind works.

a few years ago, i came up with this idea for a game that people could play at home. they wouldn't need any game pieces, cards, or boards. they could just use their minds and their memories.

i called it chandler bing crosby. this is why.

someone would come up with the name of a person. then someone else would come up with the name of another person. however, the first name of the second person would have to be the same as the last name of the first person.

the name of the game is a good example of how it works. the names could be of real people or fictional characters from literature, movies, or television.

i thought it was a great idea. although i couldn't make any money from it -- unfortunately -- i could give it as a gift to the world.

then i found out the game show jeopardy has a category like that: before and after. i've watched the show off and on through the years, so i must've seen the category. it must've sunk into my mind, only to come up much later.


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