Wednesday, February 11, 2009

you don't think

you don't think.
therefore, you ain't.
kids don't learn how to hate; they can do that well enough by themselves. but they do learn who and what to hate.
he worshiped every penny he ever earned as if it was a kiss from god ...
under the first amendment, it's all right to call a guy an asshole. it's not ok to cut him a new one.
what's worse -- shit or fuck?
answer this -- which would you rather do in your bed?
if something floats your boat, sometimes it just might sink your ship.
she'll land on her feet. but she'd be better off on her knees.
i prevail in my travails ...
i bought a camouflage shirt last week and put it in my closet.
now i can't find it.
(from comedian john fox)
my mother always told me to say something good about the dead. so when i heard that the biggest bastard i knew was dead, i said: "GOOD!"
i've heard of a hang nail, but i've never heard of a hang hammer or hang saw.
i've also heard of a hangman, but never heard of a hang woman.
practice makes perfect.
that's why men want to have sex as much as they can -- to get better.
the troubles that hit him that month were like an army. they didn't come to him as single soldiers but in batalions.
(paraphrase from shakespeare.)
bushes are nothing more that gnarly cousins to trees.
rover, before he entered the big sleep
because of a terminal illness
i load my gun
with the greatest of care
and the deepest of love
then aim it between
your lovefilled
and trusting
one just in time for valentine's day:

it's not
you ...
it's me.



i'm lying.

it is you.

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