Monday, February 9, 2009

the sounds of my life at the time

if you were going to make a movie about my senior year in high school -- i graduated in 1972 -- here are the albums (listed alphabetically by their names) from which you choose the songs to use as a soundtrack:

  • aqualung and benefit -- both by jethro tull;
  • every picture tells a story -- rod stewart;
  • fragile -- yes;
  • imagine -- john lennon;
  • killer and love it to death -- alice cooper;
  • the low spark of high heeled boys -- traffic;
  • rock of ages -- the band;
  • sticky fingers -- the rolling stones;
  • who's next -- the who;
  • zoso -- led zepplin.
all of them had been recently released and very popular. some of them are my most favorite records.

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