Monday, July 16, 2012

The Book Of Matches...

the book of matches... chapter 7 verses 11-14
the eagle flies on friday...
love her loNNNNGGGG-ly... and stroNNNNGGGG-ly...
a man whose heart is as big as his feet... 15DD...
we were scrounging around for pennies and nickles and the occasional dimes like rats scrambling through scraps of garbage.
the football chiefs play in kansas city.
the football cheifs play in kansas cyti.
you're under the shower nozzle...
you're under the weather...
you're under arrest...
the nice thing about a constitutional monarchy is that you have all the of the pomp but none of the circumstances.
fulton... except your fate...
damn! i've been officially squddified!
benny penny... 
close enough... 
have a coin... 
or a few... 
use them to 
buy some biscuits... 
and maybe 
some gravy...
the letters in the alphabet soup spell HOO HOO HOO...
his idea of paradise was a country with no spiders.
the arm...
it's groaning...
oh my god!
it's growing...
A LEG!!!
she told her sister:
"usually in a failing marriage, the sex is the first thing to go. but for us, it's all we have left."

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Five Finger Discount

Those who invade and steal from private spaces and persons -- pickpockets, muggers, and burglars -- are popularly regarded with opprobrium.* Shoplifters, who operate furtively in a more public venue, attract a mixture of scandalized humor and embarassed pity -- more like the reaction to a sex scandal than a serious crime.

--from the article The Secret Shopper: The history of shoplifting, by Jenny Diski in the Sept. 26, 2011 issue of The New Yorker.

*Oppobrium: disgrace from shameful conduct.

After Thoughts About The Fourth

Since yesterday was the Fourth of July, I was halfway tempted to post, at my true name's Facebook page, the following thought:

If the War of Independence had failed, then Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, and other Founding Fathers would've been hung as traitors to the Crown, while Franklin would've lived out the rest of his life in France, chasing les dames.

I also would've posted this: 

If you support the current establishment, then please don't celebrate Independence Day, because if you had been alive in 1776, you would've supported the Brits.

But I didn't do either. I didn't want to read any shit from anyone like what do you mean by that? what's wrong with you? and any other comments that would've been of fear, anger, incomprehension, and resistance.

I have about 230 "friends" on my Facebook page. Many of them are people I knew in high school, and I graduated in 1972. Many of them are good people, but they just don't have a lot of imagination or the ability to see things differently.

Saying the Founding Fathers would've been hung if the British had won the War of Independence would throw many of them for a loop, because history didn't happen that way -- the way the Lord intended. 

And top dogs don't realized that whatever the system, they would've tried to be top dogs: A constitutional monarchy, a tyranny, or a representative democracy.

I've thought that, and I'm goddamm tired of people treating me like some heinous criminal like Jerry Sandusky because of my thoughts. What I think it not illegal. Although to some people, you can break the law for some things if you follow and conform to the social norms. That's the main point I got from Camus' The Stranger.

Those two groups are two large reasons why I despise American society, and try to have as little to do with it as I can. 
Well, enough of this rant for now. However, I have two unrelated things to add:

Besides my Facebook "friends" from high school, from which I graduated in 1972, others are stand-up comedians I got to know between 2005 and 2008, when I starting going to open mikes in the Indianapolis area. Between those 33 years, I went to college and worked at several jobs. I am not a Facebook "friend" to anyone I've met during that time. (They haven't approached me, and, to be honest, I haven't approached them because I don't spend all that much time on it and some of those people are NOT worth a Facebook "friendship.")

And Jerry Sandusky was the former defensive co-ordinator for the Penn State football team who was convicted last month of 40-plus counts of sexually abusing underage boys.

It seems as if the powers that be at Penn State knew of this but didn't act on it.

If Sandusky had been caught sexing a Penn State football player, of legal age and in a consensual act, I wonder how soon he would've been fired and kicked out town if not Pennsylvania.