Saturday, February 21, 2009

snow, snow, get out of here ...

between one to two inches of snow was forecast to fall last night. none did.

however, as i write this, snow is falling and accumulating on the cars in the parking lot of my apartment complex and in the corners of the lot.

the forecast for today says a light mix of wintry precipitation will fall during the day, while snow flurries or snow showers will fall during the night. accumulation is expected to be one inch.

i don't know what "mix of wintry precipitation" is supposed to mean, but there was no forecast for freezing rain -- thank the fates!

most of the heavy snows from a few weeks ago had evaporated by early this week. even thought the forecast for today is tolerable ...

i'm just goddamn tired of all this goddamn snow and cold weather!

i wrote a couplet about it:

snow, snow, get out of here!
come again another year!

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