Thursday, February 12, 2009

notes on a few presidents, a scientist, and a socialist

first, happy 200th birthday to abraham lincoln.

sir, you and theodore roosevelt were the only republican presidents who were worth a damn. i don't count dwight eisenhower as a republican because he wasn't one fulltime and since his youth

(a sidetrip in this post: although warren harding was a fool and his administration was full of corruption, he did one good thing: he freed eugene debs, hoosier and socialist, from prison because he was against world war one.)

also, congratulations to your number one fan, so to say: barack obama, who got an economic stimulus bill passed by congress this week.

i saw this picture on the net and downloaded it. i think now is the best time to use it.

presidents' day will be this monday. that's the day where the country honors all of its presidents, and not just lincoln and george washington. but i know one man who refuses to do that because, as he told me, "there's no way in hell i'm going to honor richard nixon!"

also, happy 200th birthday to charles darwin. but i note it with mixed emotions, because many of my fellow citizens don't believe in the theory of evolution. if you want to read a story about it, please click here.

it's wonderful to read, huh? it's truly uplifting and heartwarming. it makes me feel very optimistic.

to call these people my "fellow citizens" presses my tolerance to its limit. many of them are evangelical protestants and bible literalists. they consider me, a deist, to be a hellbound sinner and a terrible american.

as for you, i hope you don't have such foolish beliefs. i also hope your day was satisfactory.

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