Tuesday, January 27, 2009

working on a dream

bruce springsteen will play at halftime of sunday's super bowl. if i remember correctly, the e street band -- which includes clarence clemons, miami steve van zandt, and max weinberg -- are scheduled to play with him.

i believe it'll be a short set, like it was when the rolling stones played.

i tried to look up on the internet the odds of what songs springsteen would play, but i couldn't find them.

i'm betting that they will play these three songs:
  • born in the usa;
  • working on a dream -- the latest single from his latest album, which was released for sale to the public today;
  • and, of course, born to run -- more or less springsteen's theme song.
(for the record, the stones played start me up, rough justice, and -- hey, what else? -- satisfaction.)

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