Saturday, January 24, 2009

notes on attitudes toward action

i've seen people have four different attitudes to actions and activities.

the first is the amateur. he isn't married to the action. he thinks this might be an interesting thing to do. he tries it. sometimes, he continues it.

the second is the duffer. he's usually an amateur. he isn't indifferent or lazy about the activity; he often lacks the talent. but he keeps doing it because he likes the activity. often, he loves it.

the third is the professional. he's usually good to great or excellent at doing the activity. he's often scornful of the amateur because of his perceived lack of seriousness and total commitment to the activity. often the professional started as an amateur and progressed to professionalism because of talent, hard work, or a mix of both.

the fourth, and the worst, is the hack. he's indifferent and lazy to the activity. usually, as opposed to the duffer, he hates it. he's professional enough to do it; he just goes through the motions. he does just enough work needed so he's not dismissed.

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