Tuesday, January 20, 2009

it's about time ...

not after today, good sir.

he definitely says what i think, and what i bet millions of my fellow citizens think.

during the last hours -- finally -- of the bush-cheney administration, i'm reminded of these things:

  • the quote by gerald ford after richard nixon resigned "our long national nightmare is over." as of today, the long national bad dream will be over;
  • the old expression "gone but not forgotten." dorothy parker twisted it to "forgotten but not gone." this administration, since barack obama was elected, was neither gone nor forgotten;
  • the long illness and final death of francisco franco in 1975. when it came, saturday night live made it a running joke. but one big difference between franco's death and the current administration's end is this: you knew when this thing would end; it just seem to take its sweet time.

last week, during both bush's last press conference and his farewell address, he defended his record. that's what you would expect. but his admission of miscues were more like the reagan's adminstration's statement that "mistakes were made" during the iran-contra affair of the late 1980s.

i won't go into the terrible incompetencies of the bush-cheney administration. other websites can do that. three that come to my mind are:

  • the iraq war and its aftermath;
  • the inadquate response to hurricane katrina;
  • the financial crisis.

obama faces big, big problems. lord knows what problems we can't see and might be coming. unfortunately, the old administration won't pay for them. bush and cheney will go into comfortable retirement.

i wish obama well. he'll need it.

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