Wednesday, January 28, 2009

weather update

about 12.5 inches of snow fell between monday and this morning. according to the folks on tv, it was the most snow that fell since 1996.

it fell so fast that the snow removal people couldn't keep up with it. folks on tv and on the radio suggested that people should travel -- that is, drive -- only if necessary. i had no necessary places to travel, so i stayed inside and rescheduled some appointments i had until next week.

the sun came out about 10:30 this morning. with little cloud cover, temperatures tonight will be in the teens


that reminded me of a poem i wrote. its title is the chill.

she talked of the chill
that comes from the winter --
how it gets in the spaces
between muscles and bones,
and makes you shake.

"that's one sign of
a typical
winter," she said.
"i hate that --
and the gloominess,"
too. Gray skies every day --
how can you stand it?"

"it's here, and i'm here," i said.
"that's all i can say.
that's all i will say."

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