Wednesday, January 7, 2009

these people can fry in hell

first, i hope you and yours had a happy new year and that 2009 has been good so far.

second, monday was twelfth night, which is the end of the christmas season in some traditions.

therefore, since i'm not under any selfimposed obligations to wish good will to men, which i usually do during the holiday season, here are some folks to whom i wish ill will:
  • the haters;
  • the assholes;
  • the whiners;
  • the people out to get you;
  • the people out to cheat you;
  • the people who pretend to be your friend;
  • the people who are rude on purpose;
  • the people who are rude in general;
  • the hypocrites;
  • the greedy.
and most of all:
  • the people who don't appreciate you.
i found this on the net. i didn't note and i don't rlemember where.

these people can't go to hell soon enough. when they get there, the fires can't be hot enough.

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