Tuesday, December 30, 2008

one way to crazyness

i've just had a little too much of the family lately.

there were the christmas family gatherings, and with all of them so close after thanksgiving. on those two holidays, you're practically obligated to be with family -- some of them you probably don't like.

if you feel the same way that i do, here's a reason it might be that way.

as for new year's eve, you're usually with people who want to be with you and you want to be with them. so you are often a lot happier and up for a celebration. you often get drunk or plowed or blasted or whatever you want to call it out of a sense of happiness -- not from a sense of resentment, despair and hate.

tomorrow night i'm staying home alone. i usually don't go out to celebrate because i don't want to do it among strangers and i don't want to travel at night because of possible drunken drivers.

if i get some inexpensive bubbly, i might drink some of it. if i don't, then i'll drink a few good beers. by midnight, i bet i'll be in bed -- asleep.

new year's day plans include doing my laundry and some chores around the home. and watching whatever college football bowls games are on television. i might even post that day. i'm working on some things and they might be ready by then.

if not -- have a happy new year.

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