Wednesday, December 10, 2008

crystal meth -- a winner?

while i was surfing the net last night, i found this story at it lists what it calls the winners and losers in this economic setback, or recession. or whatever you want to call it. if you want to read the whole story, click here.

i haven't posted about the recession because i can't get a handle on writing about it, and no one will get a handle on the situation until barack obama becomes president next month, since the cheney-bush administration has been awol on it.

however, it had an interesting quote about crystal meth dealers. supposedly, they'll be one of the winners in the recession, because crystal meth is, as gawker said:

a perfect drug for this new american era: cheap, powerful, and terrifying.

that phrase caught my attention, because a big part of the american mentality -- or soul, if you will -- is cheap, powerful, and terrifying. i'll try to figure what exactly that is, and will post about it later.

addenum, december 11: crystal meth has the nickname of tina. at first i thought it came from a transformation of words -- from crystal to cristina to tina. but tina is short for one-sixteenth of an ounce.

i found this out at rotten. com, a website that i knew better as a place for eccentric items often in very bad taste, like autopsy pictures of tupac shakur. for those of you who are curious, it has more details about crystal meth here.

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