Wednesday, December 10, 2008

grannie panties

i want to post about a subject that concerns many of you ladies at christmastime:

grannie panties.

they're the ones that go up to your navel and give you lots of coverage in the back and front and along the sides.

they're the ones made of nylon and come in wonderful pastel colors, like those pictured above. other colors include peach, light green, and cocoa.

they're the ones some of your relatives give you at christmas because they don't know what you truly want.

you open a package and see them. you say, "thanks, grandma" or "thanks, aunt mary." all the time, a sarcastic voice in your mind is telling you how clueless your relatives are.

ladies, i say cut your relatives some slack! getting grannie panties from them at christmas means that your relatives love you. or at the least, they care for you.

because if you get thong underwear from them, that more or less says, "honey, we decided you just don't slutty enough. so merry christmas, you tramp!"

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