Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a meeting of beauty and brains

there once was a story that marilyn monroe, who always was trying to improve herself, once sought out albert einstein.

the two of them met one fall evening in the 1950s. as einstein was walking to his home in princeton, new jersey, after he had played violin with some of his colleagues at the institute of advance study, he passed by a park. there, sitting on a bench, was monroe.

"oh, professor einstein, it's a pleasure to meet you!" she said.

"likeways mutually, fraulein monroe," einstein said.

"oh, professor einstein, please call me marilyn."

"hokey dokey, marra-leen. und you may call me albert."

"albert, i have a request."

"vott iss itt, mein schoen?"

"we should get together and make a baby!"

einstein is struck mute with this request. what redblooded heterosexual male wouldn't mind making love with the famed sex symbol? but he gathered his wits and said:

"bott vhy, marra-leen?"

"if we did, the baby could have my beauty and your brains!"

einstein sighed deeply and told her, "ah, marra-leen, mein schoen kinder, it's best vee do not do so. becauss if vee vurr to do so, the beh-bee could haff my beauty und your brains!"
that's my version of an old story, told decades ago about george bernard shaw and isadora duncan.

the picture is by quint buchholz. i found it on the net.

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