Wednesday, December 10, 2008

at the edge of the egg

have you ever been to the edge of an egg -- and a fried one, at that?

i have -- at least in one of my dreams.

i was out walking and came upon it, looming over me. i gave it a quick measurement by eyesight and determined it was as tall as a threestory building.

when i got to the edge, i poked the eggwhite with a stick. it looked rubbery and was a little burned at the edges.

i tore off a handful and put it in my mouth. it tasted just like the white of a fried egg would taste. and it was still warm.

i wished i had some salt and pepper to season it.

i saw the yoke of the egg before me like a big yellow pile. i walked away from it because i was afraid the yoke would break and drown me.

the most interesting thing about the dream is that i don't like fried eggs. now scrambled eggs and hardboiled eggs -- yes, definitely. but not fried eggs.

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