Monday, September 29, 2008

making my mark on the internet

this is the first entry of this blog. i did it to note that i was here.

this is the third time this year, and the fifth time overall, that i've started a blog. i deleted the others because i either lost interest or wanted to change the direction and emphasis. this time, though, i plan to keep at it.

this is a little explanation of the tiger; it's my totem animal.

i plan to post whatever comes to my mind.

some of the posts ran in my other blogs. i kept them because i liked them and thought they ought to be on the internet. some posts will be from other places.

i also will use labels for my posts. i did that in some blogs but not for others. i think that putting labels on things could restrict them. but i realized that i can establish my own labels, such as from me to you. and some posts can use more than one label.

if you wonder why i don't capitalize in my posts, it's in homage to don marquis, american newspaper columnist and humorist, and his great creations archy and mehitabel.

so -- watch this space.

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