Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some Comments On The Final Four

I was going to post about the NCAA Final Four, which was played last weekend at Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indianapolis. But last Tuesday, I had Final Four illness: Too much talk about the movie Hoosiers, David vs. Goliath, etcetera and etcetera and etcetera.

It was as if I was sick from eating too much of one food at one time. But it was a mental and psychological sickness from too, too much hyperbole.

Then I was going to post my views on it no later than yesterday. But I changed my mind because too much time has passed since the event . If you want more details, type "Butler Basketball" into the search engine of your choice and go at it.

By the way, Duke beat Butler 61-59 in the title game last Monday night. Bulldog forward Gordon Hayward missed a halfcourt shot with one second left. If it had gone into the basket, central Indiana would still be reverberating from the win.

I honestly didn't expect the Bulldogs to get through the regional, but they defeated Syracuse and Kansas State to get to the Final Four. Then they defeated Michigan State to get to the title game.

I was cheering on the Bulldogs to win, for this main reason:
My parents met as students at Butler after the Second World War. If they had not met, they would not have married each other. And from that, I would not have been born.

Another reason was the fact that they ARE a local team, after all.

Because of those reasons, during the tourney I wished my parents were still alive -- or at the least my father, because he would've appreciated it more.

As one last comment about the tourney, please read this link for some comments from, the one sports site on the web that I read every day. Warning -- it isn't for those who can't appreciate irony -- sarcasm's cousin with a liberal arts degree.

Since the tourney is over, I doubt if I'll post any more about sports until the fall, when football season starts. That is, if I post about sports at all in the future. I have my misgivings about spectator sports. I plan to post something about them later.

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