Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Farewell, More Or Less

After I thought about it for a day I decided to more or less stop posting regularly in this blog. My reasons for stopping are in the post below.

I plan to go through some notes that I had for some stories, write/organize/edit them, and then post them here; I just need to review them.

I also will keep some of my past posts, because I'm proud that I wrote them and someone might come across and read them. But I will delete many of these posts which will leave a small and reduced blog.

So, farewell for now. If you ever read this blog or any of its posts, thank you. I only wish you had left some comments. The comments I got after four of my posts were spam.

 I only told one person about this blog: An old friend who looked at it about a couple of years ago and liked a few things about it.

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