Sunday, August 2, 2009

Some White-collar People

Some white-collar people are just as ignorant and belligerant about it as some blue-collar people. They just have a better polish.
You could say a lot of things about me, but not if you're mute.
"Smothered in mushrooms."
"Smothered in onions -- and big tits!"
"Big, sweet tits!"
"You got that right!"
I got in touch with my feminine side. She slapped me and took out a restraining order.
A guy once said to a gal, "Hey, let's do 68. You blow me and I own you one."
You've heard of the race card.
Then there's the race royal flush.
That's the ace, king, queen, jack and 10 ...
of spades, of course.
Some people can take the heat, but the folks in Minnesota and the Dakotas during the winter take the cold.
Will it be tough love but soft or easy hate?
nude girls
on the flat roof
of an apartment
as they talk
their love lives ...
There are vanity plates, but never narcissism plates.

And there aren't any selfdepreciation plates for people with low selfesteem.
The Three B League -- the breasts, the buns and the bagina.

That's for vagina. I'm using poetic license, and there's no way it can ever be revoked.

The three B League is also known as the boobs, the butt and the bush.
As you know, it often rains cats and dogs -- but never, say, badgers and wolverines, or elephants and hippos.
Can a person be a hypocritical liar and lying hypocrite at the same time?
A Dutchman once put his finger into a dyke.
She didn't like it.
She preferred that it be done by a Dutch woman.
There's the line of fire.
There's also the ring of fire.
But you never hear about the rectangle of fire.
Or the isosceles triangle of fire.
There's malice aforethought -- but not malice aneightthought -- that's twice as bad.
If opinions are like assholes, and we all have one, then what about those folks who've had colostomies?
Never ask an OBGYN 'twat's new.
A woman once said, "I've been called a cunt before, but it was always by some prick."
Is a bear catholic?
Does the pope shit in the woods?
A broken clock at least can find one truffle.
And a blind pig is right at least twice a day.

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