Friday, October 15, 2010

Some Short Subjects

I post these here as one post because they fit better this way than as separate entries.

These words have two things in common:

Snuff, sniff, snort, sneeze, snow, snark, snide, snap, snag, snafu, snake, snatch, sneak, snipe, snicker, snug, snub, sneer, snob, snoop, sneak and snap.

When I surf the Internet, I often wonder which one is a bigger waste of time, money, effort and space:
  • Sites full of half-naked women;
  • Sites full of half-baked opinions.
If the patterns in the wall paper start talking to you...instead of ignoring back to them...hey, they might be friendly...and you need all the friends , crazy or not, that you can get to make it through this world ...

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