Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Two Things, Noted

I was out running errands Monday morning. These two things, I thought, were worth noting in this blog:

At the northeast corner of a busy intersection, I saw a young man dancing in place. He was advertising a sale at a national hairstyling chain: $6.99 for a hair cut instead of the regular $12. His costume was a blue bottle, probably of shampoo, with a white cap.

He was less than 100 yards from a spot where a tax-preparation business usually has a young man dancing in place during tax season. He usually wears a costume that is of the Statue of Liberty, down to the sea green robes and crown.

About two weeks ago, I saw a young man dancing place there as he was wearing a Spider-Man mask and shirt under his Statue of Liberty costume. It was cold and snowy and the winds were blowing hard, so I believe he wore it to keep warm.

I went to the local post office to get some stamps and mail some bills. As I was leaving, I dropped my stocking cap. I had removed my cap when I entered the post office because I was taught it was mannerly to remove your hat (or, in this case, cap) when you were indoors.

Some bastard asshole going into the post office said, "Hey, you dropped your hat, buddy."

I picked up my stocking cap and said, halfway between a whisper to myself and my regular speaking tone: "Why didn't you help me pick it up, asshole?"

I did a few more errands. As I was driving home, I saw the asshole walking on the main north-south street of my city. but I wasn't mad enough at him to yell out my car window at him or give him any other shit.

I was surprised at my semi-outburst. In in the past, I usually would've kept quiet during such an incident.

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