Monday, November 19, 2012

How Things Have Gone Lately

Posting has been very light this year because of two big reasons.

I hit one of those sloughs of despond, to quote John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, or depressive moments of life into which I often slip. During the past, I didn't post when them came onto me. But after they left, I started again.

I've also had some health problems. In late August, the battery of my pacemaker prematurely ran low on power and I only went to the hospital when I felt I was practically on death's door. 

(I don't know if I've written before on why I need a pacemaker. I'll have to check my past posts. If I haven't, I might do so later.)

Then a month later, I had an emergency appendectomy. And a week after that, about half the incision split into an open wound, which is finally healing.

So my health hasn't been the best for the last three months and I've wanted to rest instead of posting here. Please forgive me for that.

Other posts may come; they may not. As I've said before: Watch this space.

But I say this with some pride: I no longer smoke cigarettes, although I've fought off some strong desires to go out and buy a pack and light up. To feel that hit would be great, but I know I can't just put it aside, like I can with alcohol. 

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