Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nocember And The Cold Season

We are now in the middle of the time I call Nocember -- where November and December tend to combine because of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, which can seem to run together if you let them.

Also, the days get colder and the daylight grows shorter. You'll see the first snow of the late fall/early winter season. 

(No snow has fallen as of today, but the first frost of the season fell during the night of Sunday, Oct. 7. )

It's also the start of what I call The Cold Season. It lasts from late October to sometimes between St. Patrick's Day or April 1 at the latest. Not only does the weather get colder, but chances of catching a cold or coming down with a light case of  the flu or the 24-hour bug increase.

To fight that, I take a 500-milligram pill of Vitamin C every day, starting from Halloween to Tax Day. From April 16 to late October, I take the same dose every other day.

I've been doing this for the last few years. Sometimes I think it's been five years. sometimes I think it's seven. But I know this. I haven't come down with a cold or the flu since I've started, and I recommend that everybody I know do the same thing.

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