Thursday, April 11, 2013

blasted earth, blasted hopes...blast it all...

neither the thousand of battered books...with the poetry and philosophy embedded in their pages...

nor the broken statues...the torn and defaced paintings...none of them helped.

the hard cracked ground already had surrendered all its comforts to the overpowering forces. it had been used up and burned out: weak and half dead.

it was an old bitch gone in the teeth...a botched it 


as the land died, so did the people. too many gone...most into the void...the rest to the edges of it.

i knew it was all over and done except for the shouting...and the shooting...

as the first war slid into the second war as the cock and cum of a senile old man with terminal STDs drips between the legs and from the hole of an old whore, seriously poxied herself.

this is bad and will be bad for a long time.

-- emroe ezroe pwned

UPDATE, APRIL 13: This is a rewrite/edit by yours truly of part of the poem Hugh Selwyn Mauberly by Ezra Pound and something I saw on the net and downloaded for future use. 

I won't claim originality in writing it, because that would be a lie, but I will claim that for rewriting it. 

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