Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oppenheimer Etc.

what do we fucking know about the universe ok? we don't even understand our own homes! and we fucking make em!!!!!!!!! they die, lol, no no no no...

oppenheimer......who……built the bomb……he sat in a room and made calculations……then the bomb manifested……

no no no you don’t even understand, HAHA, no no no sell your soul!? i know i know, what i'm doing is nobler......do you wanna talk about the universe!? HAHAHAHA! no no NO let’s talk about nuclear energy 
(more insane laughter)
do you know about a 10x10x10 box of coal and a 3x3x3 box of nuclear energy? you could power 2 cities no problem with a 3x3x3 box of nuclear energy for fucking 2000 years! no no HAHAHAHAH no, yucantan mountain is salt ok, fuckin’ salt is the safest most stable place to mine......HAHAHA AND SALT FUCKIN’ ABSORBS ALL NUCLEAR ENEGERGY!!! can you believe that shit! no no no!
(insane laughter)
! i can power cities i can improve the lives of children and families! SOMEONE FIGURED OUT WHO TO BURN NUCLEARS ENERGY!!!

(covers face in laughter)
that sounds so bizarre burning radiation……we can burn radiation!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

bizarre!? let’s talk about bizarre. guess how many accidents and what kind occur at nuclear plants!? people falling in the fucking parking lot……how are nuclear facilites loaded!? Non on non oh HAA!? BY HAND!!! no no no HAHAHA!
(both laughing uncontrollably at this point)
i held that shit !? held my hand wanna hold my HAND?

what is something there?

IM JUST FUCKIN WITH YA!!! yeah i dropped that fuel i throw it outta da planes and trains and it doesn't explode!!! no no no its 99 percent recyclable people THINK OF THE GLOWING BAR in homer simpson’s shirt!!! it’s right there IN his shirt, no no no!
Oh and the new James Bond movie sux.

Burning radiation is so bizarre no I believe ya…

NOTE: I found this... dialogue, more or less... on the net sometime between November 1 and February 1. It's so offbeat that I finally decided to put it back on the net, after some editing.

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