Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday Briefs

Here are some briefs that I decided to put into one post instead of several separate ones.

Last Tuesday, I noticed for the first time that the grass was beginning to turn a brighter green as a sign that spring was here.

But Friday, a typical spring bad weather loop was thrown. I was out early, and the sky was overcast from rains that had fallen since Thursday night. The temperatures were in the high 30s. The forecast high was 51 and the forecast low was 37. As for today, the high is forecast to be 53 and the low tonight is forecast to be 36.

I was out at the grocery store and, as I was buying my provisions, I saw a couple books in the calling/greeting card section. One was a book of sports statistics. The other was a book of short inspirational sports stories.

They were published by Hallmark Cards and ESPN.

I thought they were books that a grandmother or aunt would give a grandson or nephew ages 5-15 for his birthday or Chrstimas if the laidies didn't know what he exactly wanted.

Those books were nice gifts, and women of that age (40 or older, at least semi-retired) of the upper-middle to upper class like their things to be nice and their colors to be pastel.

Sitting on a small plate in my kitchen is a wishbone from a broasted chicken I had deboned and deskinned. I had come across it by accident and not on purpose.

I'd like to keep it but it's fragile -- it could snap very easily -- and I don't know where I could store it at my place.

Come Jan. 20, 2017, the end of Barack Obama's second term as president, I predict these group of people will be so happy that they'll pop the champaign and toast:

A. The racists who never wanted to see a black man as president or even in the Oval Office unless he was a janitor;

B. The active agents of the U.S. Secret Service, because the job of guarding the president will become much less stressful and dangerous.


Anonymous said...

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Harrison said...

Thanks for the comment; I appreciate it.

And also thanks for leaving it. It's the first one I've had except for spam (that I deleted, by the way).