Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lucy ...

in the sky with diamonds, of course.

This is a collage I made about eight years ago, when I got my old Dell computer. I took pictures of Lucille Ball, a city skyline, a paisley background and the red diamonds used on playing cards.

I used MS Paint, a primitive photo-editing program which I rarely use these days.

I also wrote this vignette to go with it:

I can imagine Ricky walking through the door and saying, "Lucy, I'm home."

There's no answer.

Then he sees the Mertzes. Ethel is lying on the floor and is out cold. Fred is gazing out the window with a look of shock on his face.

Ricky says, "Fred, what's going on?"

Fred says, "We came up here to borrow some flour. Lucy wasn't here. Then Ethel looked out the window and fainted, and I...I just can't believe it! Look for yourself, Ricky!"

Ricky looks outside the window and sees...


In the sky...

With diamonds...

I had posted this at another site. I got 13 votes up and 18 votes down, along with this one and only comment:

Lucy would be flattered...I think.

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