Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some Notes On Race And Class

Last week. I jotted a few notes bout race and social/economic class in the United States. Please consider them just notes that I might expand for a later essay.

White rednecks and black original gangsters have some things in similiar. An exaggerated sense of honor and respect due to them, a quickness to anger and attendant violence with it are two things.

But there is one big thing that separate these two groups: Most of the times, blacks dress better than whites.

There is a hierarchy of dress among three social/economic groups.

The one which dresses better is black, whether white collar or blue-collar, whether middle class and working class.

After them are white-collar, middle-class whites.

At the bottom is working-class, blue-collar whites.

As for the blue-collar whites, their way of dress might be a way to say, I'm not a middle-management tool like you, dependent on the approval of those above you for work and respect. I'm free to dress how I want.

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