Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How Frank's Mind Works

Here's another note from my friend Frank:

i was at the hospital recently ... i was there to get some blood work done ... i rolled up my shirt for the medical technician to insert a needle to draw some blood ... i thought of the lyrics to magical mystery tour ... you know, that beatles song ... and the lyrics go eoll up for the magical mystery tour ... a relative told me the lyrics refer to someone rolling up the sleeve of his shirt to shoot heroin ... that song came out 43 years ago ... that was a long, long time ago ... I thought/remembered that 40 years ago this month the beatles broke up ... paul mccartney made the announcement when he was talking about his new album ... he recorded it without any of the other beatles playing on it ... i heard the news from a brother of a former girl friend ... i was walking down a street in my hometown and he was driving in the opposite direction ... he leaned out his car window and told me ... i said, "no shit!" and he said he wasn't ... he was the type of person who liked to deflate people's hopes and get pleasure from that ... that's just an example of how my mind often goes from one thing to another ... making connections subconsciously ... and about 5 to 10 seconds passed in the string of thoughts ... i wonder if you do that ...

Yes, I often do that.

And I was surprised that, anywhere within that string of thoughts, Frank had no sexual ones.

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