Friday, May 21, 2010

Those Who Have, Those Who Don't

Ace: There's two kinds of people: Them that's got, and them that ain't got enough.

Deuce: Two classes, you mean. And straighten up your grammar.

Ace: Well, those are the two big groups. Then there are those who have enough and don't want any more. But there are few of them around.

Deuce: And since they're content, they don't make much noise, so you don't notice them. Satisfaction's a very hard thing to find or get in this world. And it's a very hard thing to keep when you find it or get to it. And hey -- I just realized: Malcontents and the discontented make things happen if they're not running things. Malcontents and the discontented could act from reasons like anger, rage, and hatred all the way to a desire to do something different for its own sake -- for the hell of it, for no utilitarian reasons, with no benefit seen or wanted. Things done for a reason: Is that heaven? If that's so, then give me hell.

Ace: You're sure full of the bullshit today.

Deuce: You should talk. And I'm surprised that you stayed awake to hear what I said.

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