Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Meandering Conversation

Ace: You know what?

Deuce: What?

Ace: I'm pretty white -- or fair skinned, to be exact.

Deuce: That's true.

Ace: So I've decided not to get a tan this summer. I'm going to be working on my pale.

Deuce: That's nice to know.

Ace: I also created a new phrase.

Deuce: What is it?

Ace: It's "Zee this off." It means "Let's end this, quit doing this, especially because it's boring." It comes from Z, the last letter of the alphabet and ZZZ, the sound of someone snoring.

Deuce: Damn, you're creative!

Ace: I got this question for you. If a guy had a glass eye, false teeth, and a hip replacement -- how much of a cyborg is he?

Deuce: Hard to tell.

Ace: I forgot. The guy also wears glasses and uses a hearing aid.

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