Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Slocum and Women -- A Few Notes

Slocum didn't hate women. He was just afraid of them regarding romance and love, because he feared rejection by them.

He once loved a girl and she rejected him. That broke his heart.

A girl once loved him and he rejected her. That broke her heart.

He thought so little of himself that he fell into unrequited love with two women who were nice to him, and he mistook if for something more serious.

He hated the conformity and conventionality of some women, especially those from the middle class. Many of his relatives and inlaws were like that, unfortunately.

He knew he didn't want a nice girl who wasa motherly type, though he could use that a lot more than a lot of men.

He knew what he wanted from women, but often wondered if that ideal woman would want him. He doubted it.

He was inhibited. He was afraid of getting out there. He feared that his issues would drift off him like the stink from a sweat-drenched man. That was definitely a reason for rejection or not even to get involved.

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