Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Dark Seas Of Indiana

--I have sailed the dark seas of Indiana.
--But Indiana has no seas.
--That's what you think.
Loads of conversations? Why not say conversating?
The Love Army's Battle Orders:
Present cocks!
Forward ... fuck!
He's so claustrophobic and homophobic that his worst nightmare is being in the closet with Elton John, with no key available.
Open mouth.
Insert foot.
Then shoot foot.
A double fuck-up.
Is it Canadian teens smoke the most pot or most Canadian teens smoke pot?
Never enough arms
To hold you
To hold all the people I love
To do all the work that must be done
To do all the work you could get done during the next three days
Is he an alien from another planet ... or a mutant from the sewers of Earth?
Or a mutant alien from the sewers of another planet?
After the rooftop has fallen
And the walls have collapsed to the ground,
The ruins -- the wood, the stones, the metal bits --
Are they weighed by the ounce or the pound?
A big -- no, huge --
steaming loaf of
freshly cooked
ground beef,
with strips of cheese
and bacon atop
and onion bits in it --
hot, tasty and ready to eat.
All of us come from some place. But some of us come from west of someplace, out there, beyond the notice and attention of most people. Out there where the buses don't run.

Harold came from a place like that.
all about
gettin' paid
gettin' laid --
gettin' made
in the sun
or the shade --
not to fade
not to trade
not to be slayed
by some mook
with a blade.

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