Friday, June 11, 2010

In Passing ...

I wanted to note this earlier, but couldn't because my computer was on the fritz. So I'll do it now.

Dennis Hopper died May 29 in Venice, California, of prostate cancer.

Among the films for which he is noted is Easy Rider, in which he acted and also directed. The profits it made caused Hollywood to seek out the youth market -- often to ridiculous heights.

He also was known for acting in two movies that came out in the middle 1980s. The one best remembered around central Indiana was Hoosiers, where he was Shooter, the assistant coach of the Hickory High School basketball team that won the state title.

The other movie was Blue Velvet, where he played offbeat and perverted Frank Booth. He got an Oscar nomination as best supporting actor for that movie.

Besides his acting and directing, he was known for his art collection and his photography.

I also thought he could've played William F. Buckley in the movie Hollywood never made about Ronald Reagan.

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