Saturday, July 25, 2009

Brooklyn FTW!

To him, there was only two true boroughs in New York City.

One was Brooklyn, where he was born and raised and lived. The other was Manhattan, the true capital of the world.

The Bronx was the home of the asshole Yankees and their asshole fans.

Staten Island was really New Jersey.

And Queens thought it was in New York City, but it really part of Long Island -- half suburbia and half farmland. If you gotta live in the city, he thought, you gotta go full force -- all out and gritty.

While Brooklyn was a good place to be born, the true city of Manhattan was south of 14th Street. That area was more like a burg, a village, an intimate town.

The rest of Manhattan was full of grids: Lines upon lifeless lines. Nice to use to get around, but as for the rest of life ... not so much.

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