Sunday, July 12, 2009

One Smokin' Reunion

During the summer, many families have reunions. Mine had one last year, when some cousins, their spouses and their children visited from the East Coast.

Now if you have a reunion and the people attending it include:
  • You;
  • Your parents;
  • Your stepparents;
  • Your siblings;
  • Your stepsiblings;
  • Your grandparents;
  • Your stepgrandparents;
  • Your cousins;
  • Your stepcousins;
  • All their spouses and exspouses;
  • Everybody's inlaws and exinlaws;
  • A couple of families from their neighborhood who are there because you're so friendly with them that they're like family;
  • The local mailman because he's a good guy;
  • And at least four dogs;
Now, that's a reunion.

And, with all that, if you have these things:
  • At least two bowls of potato salad;
  • A place where oldtimers can sit and talk about the past;
  • And a place to play croquet with serious wagering on the results.
That, dear readers, is one seriously smokin' reunion.

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