Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I've found that there are usually two types of libertarians.

The ones on the right mostly are upset about money. They are upset with the size of the governments, especially the federal government, and the amount of taxes used to run them.

The ones on the left mostly are upset about power. They want the government out of their lives so they can smoke marijuana, fuck their same-sex lover, or not have Christianity shoved into them in public spaces.

For the record, I've found the second type, who I call left libertarians, to be more interesting than the others, who I call right libertarians. If you take away the money and the goods and services the right libertarians buy with them, there's not much, if any, to them. They're as boring as many a small town, churchgoing Republican businessman. And just as interested in social acceptance.

The left libertarians are more outlaw and scofflaw and bohemian in outlook and often are not that boring. They have interests that don't cost much, if anything.

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