Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Twenty Best Things

I've found an interesting interactive site on the net. It's called, where you choose which of two choices set b efore you that you like best.

If you don't like either choice, you can write your own and add it to the bank of choices.

It also has listed the 20 top choices. They are:

  1. Being outside at night when it's the perfect temperature
  2. Waking up to your crush knocking on the door and proceeding to make mad monkey love all afternoon
  3. Being able find the perfect, witty response to everything someone says to you
  4. Being able to come up with comebacks right away
  5. Having a 100 percent sarcastic conversation with someone who thinks you're serious
  6. Meeting that 1 percent of the population that you actually get along with and can call your friend
  7. Being able to teleport anywhere you wanted just by willing yourself to
  8. Be able to do anything, I said ANYTHING!
  9. Having a pair of magical pants that always have money in its pockets
  10. The ability to make every woman in a room simultaneously hit orgasm simply by walking in.
  11. Secret passages behind bookshelves
  12. Hair that does whatever you want just by thinking about it
  13. Discover that you can stop time at will
  14. Saying the perfect comeback at the perfect time.
  15. Having crazy mind control abilities
  16. Movies that get better every time you see them.
  17. Having feet. It's pretty awesome.
  18. Being able to read minds...and being awfully good looking.
  19. Finding a lamp with a genie who offers you three wishes, and you can wish for more wishes.
  20. One of your personal best things in the world that isn't listed here.

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