Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I've read about technology that will reduce CDs and DVDs to the size of a quarter. To replace the old copies that they own, people must buy the new versions.

Folks, that's an example of what I call crapitalism -- business that's not illegal or immoral, but profits the seller much, much more than the buyer.

Whenever I criticize actions like that, some will say: "What are you -- a communist? Are you against business?"

I reply: "I'm against theft and its first cousin -- ripping people off."

The next supporter of capitalism I learn of who criticizes shitty practices like that will be the first supporter of capitalism I'll learn of.


Here's an example of what I mean:

Ron is selling show cones from a cart in a city park. Joe, his nephew, comes up to him.

The usual, Joe?

Yeah, Uncle Ron ... aww, man, you got the cheap, crappy cones again. They taste like wood!

You don't have to eat them, you know.

When you retire, I'm gonna take over your cart and I'll sell quality cones. No cheap, crappy ones. And I'll make lots of money.

Joe, you have a lot to learn.

Like what?

Quality is only for rich people because they're the only ones with true freedom of choice. Everybody else must pick from what they can afford. And what they can afford means cheap, crappy stuff.

That's not true. My bike is a good bike.

It's not quality. It's value. It's good only for the price your dad paid for it. You think Wal-Mart is big because of the quality of their goods and services? Is McDonald's on top because they have the finest cuts of meat? And say what you want to about my cones, but I sell out this cart every day.

I see. You make your money by deliberately selling mediocre products to people of modest means.

That and Eight Balls.

What's an Eight Ball?

Eat your crappy cone.
This is by L.D. Harrod. I found at blurrrville.com. And yes -- the site's name has three Rs.

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