Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Store Vs. Shop

Store is a man's word, while shop is a woman's word.

Men go to a store to get stuff. As soon as they get, they're gone.

It's a lot like hunting.

Women go into a shop, stay in it for a while and browse before they buy the things they went to the store to get ... and maybe some other things.

It's a lot like nesting.

For examples: Hardware stores. With a name like that, they appeal mostly to men.

A woman in a hardware store is like a rabbi at a pork barbecue ... or any other fish-out-of-way situation ... like a fish out of water.

An exception to this is the workshop. That's where men take the stuff they bought at the hardware store and make things from it.

Sometimes, they're so busy making stuff that they don't notice their wives or girlfriends have gone to some shops to buy things.

Many times, they pay for those things with the men's money.

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