Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Productive Member Of Society

Recently, I found another letter from my friend Frank, who often sends me some screeds. I humor him by keeping them and posting them at this blog.

He wrote is early in 2008, obviously before Obama was elected president.

people friends and family members especially ask me Frank when are you going to become A PRODUCTIVE MEMBER OF SOCIETY ... and i tell them folks, let's review ... for the last eight years, this country had a willfully ignorant, if not stupid, man as stubborn as a mule, as its president ... and as our vice president, we had a man some compared rightly i say to satan himself ... we're in this mess is mesopotamia and things aren't getting better ... we're spending $2 billion a month on it ... the rest of the world hates us because of these two men and their followers and half the time they hate us for every good reasons ... people are unhappy with their lives, but they can't change or won't change because they're up to their eyebrows in debt for a bottomless lust for goods ... or they're afraid to change ... and a lousy economic situation doesn't help either ... people are denying their true calling to please others to whom they give their power of approval ... they're either restlessly running around, filling their minds with worthless busyness and junk culture so they don't have to think or won't have to think or can't think about how miserable they are ... or they act conformist or willfully ignorant like the president unfortunately ... we're poisoning ourselves with pollution ... a man with one joint of marijuana can get life in prison for one joint mind you but a convicted murderer might get out in less than 10 years ... and high members of the current administration will not get one day in the slammer ... and this is the topper, the insult atop the injury ... you have star wars stamps for 41 cents but a stamp for jonas salk who discovered a cure for polio and is the main reason you and i aren't crippled costs 63 cents ... and they want me to be a productive member of THAT society ... i stay away from it as much as i can so i don't add to the mountains of 100 percent bullshit ... hell, if i'm not a DESTRUCTIVE member of this society, i know i'm doing something right ... and the only reason i don't head for the hills is because central indiana has no hills ...

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