Thursday, March 18, 2010

Frank On The Beach

Here's another letter from Frank:

a naked woman wades thigh high in the water a few feet from a beach ... i'm on that beach and i'm watching her ... she stops and opens her legs ... from her vadge flows a stream of little black balls ... they look like caviar ... as the stream flows faster and it grows in volume there's a rip in her torso at the top of her vadge ... i'm in the path of the flow of the the black balls ... i jump with fear as they flow toward me but they go around me ... and them i see them as a stream as they turn and go out to the the water ... a lake or sea i'm not sure ... i turn toward the woman ... she's split apart as the eggs finally stop flowing from her ... i rush to the place where she stands ... she suddenly drops down into the water but immediately jumps up from under it and she's her old self again ... i embrace her and ask her "what the hell was that all about?" ... she says "baby i've been fucked and fucked over by a lotta guys and i held in my anger at them all this time 'til i just couldn't take it ... i was filled with white cum so i had to release it as black stuff" ... i say "was any of that from me?" ... she says "just a little bit but hon when you did it you din't know any better in fact you did it the least of all" ... i say "i'd like to apologize' ... she says "apologies accepted" ... i say "you ought to be scared to death about what happened" ... she says "i'm not ... i'm taking it pretty lightly ... it was an unpleasant task that's over and done with and now i can go on with my life" ... all during this time other people are on the beach but they're dressed and don't point out what happened and that she's naked ... by the way, her name is sandy because she has sandycolored hair ...

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